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Four of the best BBQs for your boat

27 August 2021

It’s been a rainy year so far! We have spotted the sun a few times and there’s still time to start up the barbecue and cook all your summer favourites – aboard your boat! Steel or aluminium, free standing or mounted, gas or charcoal; there’s a variety of options to suit your BBQ preferences that are approved for marine use. Be sure to maintain your grill well to keep it (and your boat) lasting until next Summer!


£279 at

Magma have been creating marine friendly grills and accessories since 1976, with this Marine Kettle Gas Grill coming highly recommended by many. Easy to install and disassemble for cleaning, its classic looking round lid acts as an effective windshield whilst keeping grease and spatter contained. The radiant heat plate distributes heat for even cooking and increased fuel efficiency, whilst the “Stay Cool” handle is durable and heat resistant. Mounting brackets are not included, but Magma have lots of options to choose from to suit your boats needs.


£119.95 at

The Cobb has been developed into its present form from an electricity-free cooking system for rural areas in Africa, getting its namesake from the dry corn-cobs that were used as its fuel source. Now using coals, briquettes or their own ‘cobblestone’, food is isolated from the coals so there are no flare-ups or smoke. It contains a metal basket for the coals, sitting inside a stainless steel bowl, where the firelighters sit beneath, all encased within the outer shell that stays cool when in use. There’s a range of accessories you can buy for different types of cooking too.


£39.95 at

This no-frills, stainless steel rail-mount barbecue is designed to contain a regular disposable barbecue, as a safe and very affordable option. The lid acts as a windbreak and protective cover – a step up from the original lidless version it is based on. With an instant barbecue included in the price, you’re ready to get it clamped onto your boat rail and lit straight away!


£259.95 at

Available as a charcoal grill too, the Kuuma Stow N’ Go 160 Gas Grill is designed for high pressure gas canisters and can be mounted to any Kuuma rail, rod or pedestal mount aboard your boat. It’s ready to go out of the box and easy to set up. It’s rust resistant and easy to clean due to the hardy stainless steel design. You can get plenty of food on this large but lightweight barbecue and it performs well in windy weather. Handy when you’re out on the water.

9 fantastic locations to start up the barbeque

You’ve got the boat, you’ve chosen the grill. Now you need the perfect location to moor up and cook up. Tingdene Marinas has nine premium destinations across the UK for you to choose from, with fantastic facilities, Cruising Clubs and even discounts at our other marinas.

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