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Owning a boat

A quick guide to the after sales we offer to all boat purchasers

There are many aspects of the after sales service offered by Tingdene Boat sales. After you have had your comprehensive handover from one of our experienced team and enjoyed your boat, our after sales service comes into play.


With all of the models we sell, the warranty duration varies so it is important to read your handbooks (provided at time of handover). If you have any warranty queries, please contact the office you purchased the boat from and our teams can put you in contact with professionals and sort it all for you


For the majority of the engines, a strict servicing maintenance schedule must be adhered to, in order to maintain your warranty. This usually involves a three month / 20-hour preliminary service and then a 50-hour service and thereafter an annual or 100-hour service (whichever comes first). At all of our sales offices we have on site and local contractors who are recommended for you to use directly.


At all of the Tingdene Boat sales offices we have contracted valet companies to ensure your boat is maintained to the highest condition. Please contact your local Tingdene Office for full information.


We have a chandleries at some of our marinas and can also direct you to local suppliers


Tingdene Boat sales offer the complete service whether you are buying, selling, cleaning or servicing your boat.

  • We have onsite facilities at each office
  • We have sales staff available seven days a week for your every need
  • Pop in anytime, even if it's just a coffee and to chat about your boating experiences!
For any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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