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Embrace Winter Mooring with Tingdene

5 October 2023

A cosy haven for narrow boat enthusiasts

As the crisp winter air descends and frost delicately blankets the waterways, the world of narrow boating undergoes a magical transformation. For those who have made a home aboard these charming vessels, the decision between continuous cruising and winter mooring is a pivotal one. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many reasons why people may opt for boating in winter, highlighting the unique comforts and conveniences it offers during the colder months.

Toilets and Showers

One of the most compelling reasons to choose winter mooring over continuous cruising during the winter is the accessibility to on-site toilets and showers. While the self-contained nature of narrowboats is part of their appeal, the luxury of a warm, clean restroom and a hot shower can be a game-changer when the temperature drops. Winter mooring provides these essential amenities within a short walk, ensuring comfort and convenience even in the chilliest weather.


Our winterised boats come equipped with additional facilities like laundry rooms, communal areas, and even on-site shops or stores. This means you can do your laundry without braving the cold, have a cosy place to socialise with fellow boaters, and access supplies without navigating icy paths or waterways.

Access to Water and Electricity

Maintaining a comfortable living environment aboard a narrowboat during cold weather in the winter requires a reliable source of water and electricity. Winter moorings usually offer these essential utilities, allowing you to stay warm and cosy without worrying about running out of resources.


For narrowboat enthusiasts who own a vehicle or need a place to park for occasional land-based excursions, winter moorings typically offer designated parking areas. This eliminates the hassle of finding suitable parking spaces in unfamiliar areas and keeps your vehicle safe and accessible.

Shopping Deliveries

In the winter months, the idea of hauling groceries and supplies back to your boat through snow or rain can be daunting. Many winter boating locations offer the convenience of direct deliveries to your boat, ensuring that you stay well-stocked without enduring the elements.

Proximity to Restaurants

One of the pleasures of narrow boating is exploring local cuisine. Winter mooring locations often have restaurants and pubs nearby, providing a welcome escape from cooking onboard. This makes for a delightful dining experience and a chance to connect with fellow moorers over a warm meal.

Lighting and Safety

Safety is paramount, especially during the darker winter months where cold weather can become an issue. Winter moorings tend to have well-lit paths and communal areas, enhancing visibility and security. This peace of mind is invaluable for boaters concerned about personal safety and the safety of their vessels.

Cosy and Friendly Community

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of winter mooring is the sense of community. Living alongside fellow boaters who share your love for the waterways creates a tight-knit, supportive environment. It’s a chance to swap stories, share tips for staying warm, and forge lasting friendships.

While the allure of continuous cruising may be irresistible in milder seasons, boating in the winter provides a haven of comfort and convenience for narrowboat enthusiasts when the cold sets in. With accessible toilets and showers, on-site facilities, parking, shopping deliveries, dining options, essential utilities, safety measures, and a welcoming community, winter boating is an attractive choice for those who wish to stay snug and connected during the frosty months. So, as the snowflakes fall and the waterways glisten, consider the cosy embrace of a winter mooring for your narrowboat adventure.

If you’re looking for a winter mooring this season then look no further than Pyrford Marina on the tranquil River Wey. A first-class marina with easy access to the city and local road network it offers a wide range of facilities and local amenities to ensure your winter is a warm and welcoming one.

Contact Pyrford Marina for your winter mooring quote today.

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