The Maxima 730 tendersloop represents the best in comfort, style, and speed.

Comfort when cruising is at the forefront of its design, with a larger interior space than you would expect. Fit up to 10 passengers comfortably on your river and canal adventures without compromise while you enjoy the stable and steady drive reaching up to 150 hp of power – a wolf in sheep’s clothing, some may say!

Making a day out on the water even easier, there is an closed toilet space, options for a large cooler and cooker, plus swim and bathing platforms for a perfect use of your leisure time whatever your mood.

This 7-meter tender has good visibility all around, is easy to disembark with its chic steps at the stern and a bun-mounted engine for limited engine noise.

The Maxima 730 tendersloop is an all-rounder with surprises around every corner!